I love movies.  Film is my hobby and my passion.  It’s as simple as that.

I work at a video rental store, and hands-down, my favorite parts of the job are chatting about movies with customers, exchanging recommendations, and being surrounded by movies constantly. I frequent various film sites on a daily basis, and of my entire college career, only one semester has been without a film course. I take pride in my ability to know a film based on a sparse bit of information, and I love picking apart a movie for its themes and technical construction. But I needed a place to put everything down, and share it.

Gutenfilm came to me suddenly, and a couple of months after the idea popped into my head, it materialized on the web.  A couple of site redesigns and a brief hiatus gave way to a more strict devotion to post content.  Gutenfilm is as much for me as it is anyone else.  It’s a hub for me to come express and share my love for film, and it will only continue to grow.


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